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The Idea

Last year during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the retail industry, forcing the closure of physical stores and causing uncertainty for the future of the in-store experience.
Imagine that you run a business where you rely on your customers ringing you to make a booking. The only problem is that you miss calls, double book appointments, forget about cancellations and end up failing to maximise your revenue and damage your reputation in the process.
This scenario (and frustrations!) will be familiar to many Welsh business owners, including restaurants, barbers, plumbers and electricians, and even dentists and hairdressers. Similary, it goes vice versa with us (customers) also.
Even though, now the lockdown has slowly begun to end, but still we are required to stay safe, stay hygienic, and follow the social distancing norms. Businesses are still struggling to get stable, similary ordinary people like us are struggling to buy goods or to get professional services properly without wasting much time.
Keeping all these things in mind, we came up with an idea, why not create something that empowers both the business owners and customers by having a good visibility of professional services? From here, PROLYNCS came to inception.

Business Needs and Current Situation
  • Increased wait times
  • No visibility to end users to see service providers availability(calendar)
  • Manual appointment reminders
  • Appointments cannot be booked that aligns with customers time.
  • No power in customer’s hand when it comes to scheduling appointments
  • No solid revenue projections for service providers
  • A Platform to support new businesses
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The Concept

Imagine you are looking for a haircut and you visit the salon for the same. But when you reach there, you find out that there are many people ahead of you waiting for their turn, and it may take hours for your turn for haircut. It's very irritating... isnt it?
But with Prolyncs online booking and scheduling features, you can make online booking for the services in advance directly with your favorite service provider as per the availability. So why wait in line when you can simply schedule your appointment with date and time, sitting at the comfort of your home or office?
This is what PROLYNCS can do for you!!

Some of the features that Prolyncs provide are:
  • Accept online bookings
  • Notifications via Email
  • Collect required information
  • Offer multiple packages and services
  • Add multiple locations
  • Separate service categories

What service do you need? Prolyncs will help you

Your personalized platform to book appointments with your routine service professionals.

Register Your Business With Prolyncs and grow up the business with Prolyncs

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